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Lit1 Course Syllabus, 1st Semester, SY '10-,11


McArthur Highway, Urdaneta City Pangasinan


First Semester, S.Y. 2010-2011

Course Code: LIT 1

Course Title: Philippine Literature

No. of Units: 3 units (53 hours)


Course Description: A three unit course which seeks to study the enormity and richness of literature in the Philippines. This course is a study of literary genres as exemplified by selected literary pieces from various regions of the Philippines written/delivered at different periods in Philippine literary history.

General Objectives: At the end of the semester, the student must develop appreciation of and awareness on various literatures of the Philippines by introducing them to different Philippine literary genres. The students must be able to recognize the social, cultural and political environments in the different periods of Philippine history that influenced the country’s literature.

Course Plan

I. Introduction

A. Definition of Literature

B. History of Philippine Literature

C. Literary Genres

II. Pre-Colonial Literature

A. Folk Narratives

1. Myth

2. Legend

3. Folk Tale

4. Epic

B. Folk Speech

1. Riddle

2. Proverbs

C. Folk Songs

III. Literature under the Spanish Colonial Period

A. Oral Literature

1. Songs

2. Religious Verses

3. Drama

B. Written Literature

1. Poetry

2. Short Stories

C. Rizal and His Contemporaries

1. Selected Works of Jose Rizal

2. Selected Works of Marcelo H. del Pilar

3. Selected Works of Andres Bonifacio

IV. Literature under the American Colonial Period

A. Tagalog Novel

B. Romantic Poetry

C. Short Stories

D. The Beginning of Philippine Literature in English

V. Literature under the Republic

A. Vernacular Literature

B. Filipino Writings in English

C. Poetry

D. Short Story

E. Play

VI. Contemporary Literature

A. Regional Literature

B. New Wave of Philippine Literature in English

C. Contemporary Poetry

D. Play

E. Short Story



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Prepared by:

Deborah dela Cruz


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